For the first time

Leaving my hometown of 22 years for a very unfamiliar place was challenging. Although I have very close friends here, it was still a scary adventure. I could have stayed home, confined to a safe and secure environment. My family and friends were just a jeepney ride away. I had free accommodation and food. I had one of the best jobs there as a high school teacher. I was so comfortable back in CDO, which was why I decided to move out. I wanted to move out of my comfort zone.

Since it was my first time to decide to live on my own, in a different island (an hour ride by plane or a 12-hour trip by boat), it was inevitable that I’d be confused about a lot of things. 1) Work, 2) Accommodation, 3) Chores, and 4) Bills. Given my short attention span, I tend to easily sway between “stuffs-to-do”. Fortunately, I was able to devise ways to cope up with such weakness…LISTS…and lots of it.

Before moving out, I made sure I had a “stable” pool of possible careers, just in case the first one won’t work out well (topic to be expounded through another post, TBW). Check. Next, I had to look for possible places where I could stay, for possibly a long time (TBW). Check. For the chores, I just had to make a schedule or a list (TBW). Check. Since I had dealt with two bills prior to moving out, the gas and phone bills, so this was not much of a problem (TBW). Check.

Everything on the list has been crossed off, so yeah…I’ll be celebrating my second month here in a few days. HOORAY!!! It’s an adventure of a lifetime, and so far, one of the best adventures I’ve been in. (Photo: Island hopping…MACTAN)


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