What is your passion in life?

Asked by this very basic, yet essentially vital inquiry, I wandered for days. My body kept on fulfilling its physical existence and nature, and yet my mind traveled great distances in search for that one truth, that which would have defined my very existence. And yes, true enough, I rekindled with an old flame that I had put out years ago, because of doubts and insecurities.

All these years I made myself believe that if I would make my family, my parents proud, all would be well. I seem to have forgotten what really mattered; that there was an I that existed. And that that I’s existence should not be held back by any claims, nor be pulled, away from its actualization and full-realization, by strings attached.

My deepest secret is not really that complex. Conversely enough, it is very simple. So simple that people might not feel the need to think twice about putting the idea off.

I had always hoped to become one of the best educators of the century, not simply because I had taught one of the greatest minds of the world, but rather that I had taught all of my classes, all of my students to think and become the greatest minds of the world, different as they may be. I had always dreamed of becoming one of the most influential thinkers that shaped the history of mankind. Now you know why you might put off the idea of me becoming those that I have mentioned. You might also feel the need to instigate a kind of comedic response to relieve yourself of that euphoric glitch. Alas! It is but one of the few trade-offs of a capitalistic society, the partial absence of altruism.

I am very passionate about learning about a cornucopia of elements. People, friends, and even teachers may not believe such claim. I can’t really blame them though. I may sometimes be viewed as a slacker. When your mind keeps running wild 24/7 you can’t help but feel either exhilarated or exhausted. I am a very unorthodox learner, you see. I don’t really learn a lot of things just by listening or looking at things. I won’t remember facts verbatim, per se. it is the act of looking at those facts, which aids me in remembering those facts. I have actually formulates a simple equation to address this analogy.

The amount of life we have lived, in our lifetime, is a function of C, which represents common knowledge (or public knowledge), and E, which represents our experiences (or private knowledge):

Lt = f(C,Et), then presented as an equation,

Lt = C + ltEt

where lt is the marginal propensity to learn.

(Note: This equation, although not having the same variables, is actually based on the Aggregated Demand formula used in Macroeconomics)

The equation above, though too crude, maybe impartial, and just might be relatively impulsive in nature, is the simplest I could get to defining what Life is. And you might have noticed that money here is not an explicit factor or a variable at all.

You may ask, then, whether or not this equation is feasible, taking into account that the equation is takes as what it is and also noting that man is a complex being. In the realm of studying man/woman and his/her behavior, it is certain there is randomness in his movements or actions. But then, this display of randomness (which negates my claims of such equation ever existing, representing an anomaly) creates a pattern of randomness. So no matter how random a person may get he/she actually creates a pattern of being random. This indicates that, up to some significant extent, a man/woman is certain despite his/her complexity.

I am very passionate about being a student of life, to learn its essence and submit to its veracity. I had really learned a lot for the 20 years since I had first set print on this tiny planet, the world’s largest and most intricate laboratory.



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