A revolution must commence

What’s the difference between right and wrong? How do we recognize which is right and which is wrong? Are there really such things as right things and wrong things, or are these things just figments of our imagination? And if such things exist, is there any way to prove their objectivity?

The fondness of man to create the objectiveness of things, which were subjective and perception-dependent in essence, has created confusion among them, and stirred several misinterpretations. Yet, it begs the question, is right and wrong, then, relative to an individual’s capacity to fathom the veracity of its being right and its being wrong? Is its being right or its being wrong dependent on whoever holds the greater depth of understanding on such a fickle characteristic?

If so, who dictates that which is and which is not? Is it an interplay of who is and who is not, the have and the have not’s? Could this be an evolution of the Marxian view in a Capitalistic Society driven, no longer by their individual self-interest, but rather by their individual selfishness? Is it where slavery, now, transcends its physical state, becoming into a cleverly structured higher degree of human ownership and bondage? Is a new battleground slowly revealed to society? Does this implication of a new revolutionary era no longer demand from the battles fought between the mice, the lions, and the beasts of Caligula and Nero, between the landless and the landowners of Classical Economists, or between the isolated streets of bondage and the skyscrapers of power of Dictators?

The revolutionary era is no longer a battle between that which is right and that which is wrong. This revolutionary era is now a battle to be fought between who actually dictates things to be the right and the wrong. This revolution is now between those who know “it” and those who they are keeping “it” from.

This revolution is between the illuminated and the ignoramus. This revolution is the scholastic revolution.

This revolution must commence before all that’s left of this wretched world are lying, scheming bastards.


3 thoughts on “A revolution must commence

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