Work: Choosing the place

So you’re ready to move out of your parents house, eh?! Before you start packing your bags, please take time to answer the following questions:

  1.  Are you sure about that?
  2. OK. If you’re sure, do you know where you’re heading to?
  3. If you do, how is the employment outlook?

If you think that the questions followed the order as they were written, better contemplate again. Before moving out, you have to ask yourself what career path you would like to take. Don’t let your circumstance decide which career you’re going to follow. Instead, decide first what job you would like to have, and then decide on the place. Think about these things first:

  1. What job would you like to have? (include the salary, perks, etc.)
  2. In how many months or years would you like to be promoted?

Given the conditions you have set for yourself, you can then decided on where you would like to stay. Never forget the conditions. Then see how different cities would fit in the career you would like to have:

  1. What are the robust or booming industries? (Where does your career fit into the industries the city offers?)
  2. Are the industries competitive? (Is the minimum entry-level salary what you wanted?)
  3. How is the local employment pool? (Does the place have enough internal labor resource coming from the locality?)
  4. Is there enough “diversity” in the same industry? Are there several companies in the same industry? (just in case you don’t fit well with your first choice)
  5. Does the place provide for or satisfy your self-interests? (If you like going to coffee shops, does the place have enough of that?)

The next thing you’d need to do is to apply to the different companies you had chosen. Prepare your requirements. Prepare for the interviews. Then prepare to move out (yes, the only time you move out is when you’re sure you have a job waiting for you there).

The guide questions will just help you gauge your preparedness to move out of your comfort zone. Ultimately, it’s your choice. Who am I to impose this on you right? I’m just sharing tips that have worked for me. 🙂


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