Beneath the mask of contentment

There comes stillness

Of misery and guilt

Of nothing but a point


There are times

When the sun comes out

It shows its happiness

And, alone, it gives its feelings


But times don’t go this way forever

After those things of the best

Out come things of the worst

Between life and death


Times when the sun hides

Behind the clouds of rage

Then, so suddenly

The rain falls…softly…slowly


Silently, it takes over

Ruling over what was never ruled

Going over what was gone under

Making impossible the possible


Things become nothing

And nothing…becomes silence

Dark, vast billows enter

And everything vanishes


It was just but the shadows of light

That there came the world again

All in dresses of gladness

All but one


One that can’t do it all

The only one that can’t make it

Because it started it all

And it will end it all over again


One thought on “Happiness

  1. Jailbreak says:

    This writing has inspired me to continue focusing on my own blog

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