In My Room

Enclosed in a four-walled room

With no one left but your shadow

You just stare at one corner

And you’d begin to cry


You’ll never find out

Where those tears came from

You would never guess

Where they’d end up to


All that you know

Is that you’re alone

Alone and isolated

Just like every night


— i don’t know how others, who’ve the same condition as i, feel. there are simply times when you just want to cry, but don’t really know why. before, i tried holding it back, showing everyone that i was strong and that everything was okay, even though it was not. holding back was suicide. it slowly killed my sanity. it slowly decreased my rationality. then, finally, it consumed me. i don’t want to go back to that dark place anymore. and so every single time i feel like crying, for no apparent reason, i just let it all out. and it works, for me at least. i’d feel better once i’d let it all out. sometimes, it’s best to let everything out. look for someone you could trust and who’s willing to listen and just let it all out. scream if you must. cry if you must. just let it all out. don’t hold back. (well, just try not to kill anyone, okay? 🙂 ) —


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