Why do I write?

Recently, I hit another speed bump. I was looking for scholarships that would finance a Masters Program I was planning to attend. I’ve emailed a lot of those entities and sadly only a few replied. But I’m not giving up, it’s just side tracked for now. I’m still stumped. Now, what?!

I’m not complaining about my work. I like what I’m doing in my work-life. It’s just that I had other plans too. And with that I had a time-frame. I was planning on going back to school and getting my Masters degree next year. So, yeah, I was a bit disappointed (I was going to use another word here but I realized it didn’t sound really nice…hehehe).

When I’m pissed, I like to write about it. I like writing about what I’m thinking and feeling because I’m not good with expressing raw emotion and talking about it. When I talk to someone about my feelings my words tend to become simplistic, which is often misinterpreted by others. When I write about it, usually through stories or poetry, I leave it to the readers on how they would interpret it.

It has been a long time since I’ve written about things. I missed this. Just me and my laptop. Writing the day away. I love writing because…

When I write, I’m in my own world.

When I write, I feel safe and secure.

When I write, I feel alive.

Remembering the saying Heaven is that moment in your life when you feel alive, I could say that when I write, I feel like I’m in heaven. There’s a certain depth and inner peace I reach each time I spend writing. I write because it makes me feel better about myself and society. It had saved me countless of times and has been my companion through moments of euphoria and depression.

Why do I write? I write because I am a writer. 🙂

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