Doors anyone?!

If one door closes…remember that, in time, other doors will open for you…even that same door that closed on you is bound to open again…it’s just that, sometimes, you need to be locked inside a room to get the feel of the room; experience, understand, and internalize the essence of being in a room, before proceeding to another…that way, you become better and more prepared for the challenges that may come inside the other room…so instead of just banging on the door, and desperately try to get out, why not learn and grow from the experience?

Ok. I didn’t expect the things that are happening to me right now. I didn’t even want these things to happen. I didn’t account for THESE THINGS. But I believe these are things that I needed to experience. Perhaps, to better myself. Life is not just about the good times, but the bad times as well. It’s not just about successes, but the failures that happened that made you succeed. <at least you know a thousand ways how something doesn’t work, right?!>

I have not been very good at accepting failures in the things I am passionate about. So this really has been a humbling experience. I’ve made many mistakes recently. I am not denying that. But I’m learning a lot. I just needed that shove to becoming someone better. I’ve realized I’ve been banging on most doors instead of letting myself experience the experience. I’ve so been used to a “fast-paced” life, and have not, since, slowed down. This was it. I had to, first, know who I was outside of everyone else, outside of the stereotyping I’ve been assigned to. I realized there are still a lot of things I had to know and experience before I could pursue the <ultimate> dreams or goals I have in life. So that when the time comes that another door will open, I would be ready to step into the “unknown” and “uncertainty”.


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