Tale of 2 Thoughts: Day 1


I woke up unusually late today. Rushed through morning routine. As the elevator door closes, this young woman held it open for a long time. A really long time. I was running late! She was carrying these empty boxes, trash btw, shoving them inside this tiny elevator. She then started looking at me in a weird way. I even caught her checking out my package a few times. Not cool. It’s a shame though. She was kind’a cute.


Dear Diary, today was my first day in the city. Wew!!! New sites to see. New music to hear. New people to meet. <AWESOME>The sun was shining brightly outside my window pane. I had my breakfast casually. 1 PBandJ, a banana, and a smoothie. YUM! I had to enjoy it, right? Yes! But first things first. My art exhibit is just a few weeks away. <O.o> My theme for this exhibit is Cardboard Art. So obviously, I had a lot of boxes! I mean a lot! People may view these as trash, I look at it as art. I had to bring these boxes to the museum, right? So I was like carrying these boxes and was neatly placing them ONE BY ONE inside this elevator. The guy, who was there first, held the elevator door open for me. He just shot me dirty looks. As if he wants to eat me alive. <scary> I mean, he could have at least helped me with the boxes right?! So rude. And what’s worst, or funny, was when I noticed his “fly was open”. I tried signalling him but I think I just looked weird. He might have thought that I was looking at his…you know…when I was clearly not. Well, I just glanced at it a bit. If it were you, you couldn’t help but look. I tell you. When we reached the lobby he just left in a hurry. HE JUST LEFT ME THERE!!! Talk about being a gentleman. But HE’S SUPER CUTE!!! Oh my gosh! I SO HAVE A CRUSH ON HIM!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ (><,) That’s all for now…XOXO

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2 thoughts on “Tale of 2 Thoughts: Day 1

  1. elissa cid says:

    hahaha…funny how assuming a guy could be.. this day one story portrayed the difference on how guys and ladies think…detailed jud ang girls..tabian…

  2. bodhimoments says:

    Funny! Clever, as well

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