Back in high school, a close friend of mine quoted me a phrase from the series ALIAS. He said, KESTIMETRUTHTA. I asked him what it meant. As usual, instead of answering my query, he showed me <He likes being mysterious> He wrote down the phrase on a paper and he ripped the paper to pieces. <I thought to myself, how am I suppose to read that now? > He moved around the ripped pieces of paper until it made sense. It wasn’t until now, when my life and my “being” is being shred to pieces, did I understand what the phrase really meant. TRUTH TAKES TIME.

In life, when we make mistakes, there is no pause, backward button, or reset to undo those mistakes. We must live through the hurt. There is no fast forward button either <like in the movie CLICK>. We go through that slow and often painful process of realization and learning…to be better, and better know the truth about ourselves. TRUTH TAKES TIME.

We cannot force ourselves to learn all of the things we need to learn in an instant just because we want to. We cannot force ourselves to be masters of a trade over night. We cannot force ourselves to understand and know everything there is to know about the Addition Property of Equality and the Multiplication Property of Equality just because we have a quiz the following day. We simply cannot. It cannot be done <Not unless if someone can build a super machine that can jam all of those information at once, which might lead to brain damage btw>. TRUTH TAKES TIME.

It’s not all about getting high grades. It’s about the gratification or a sense of fulfillment in being able to accomplish something you have worked hard for. To be able to say, Now I finally understand it. Now I finally got it.

It’s not all about reaching the summit. It’s about the Journey to the Summit. KESTIMETRUTHTA. TRUTH TAKES TIME.

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