Tale of 2 Thoughts: Day 3


It’s her again. With those boxes…Again! I hope this won’t be a regular thing. What a Freak! I can’t help but stare at the pinkish white mustache she has. I should say something. Focus! Back to the Firm. Mr. Big Shot. 10am hearing for the Jackson case. Win this case! Win!


It’s the 3rd day here in this awesome city! #ohyeah #socool #strawberrysmoothie. Btw, guess who was in the elevator with me again! Guess who!!! >.< 3rd straight day!!! My crush! Mr. Fly’s Open! I hope this would be a regular thing. Ok…calm down. He’s so hot. I don’t want to be super obvious. But he’s so cute. Try not to panic. So charming… Hmmm… deep breathing. <good thing I started my yoga class yesterday> hmmm…those blue, dreamy eyes…pointed nose…kissable lips…relaxgurl! …golden arched brows…well kept one-sided brown hair…the maintained and neatly trimmed stubble…chill…woooooh…the smell of a Calvin Klein perfume…the well-pressed suit…the attache case…oh my…hmmm…but honestly, he’s not much of a talker. Not much of a gentleman too…tsk…The other day, when I was just new to the city, I had to carry a lot of boxes. He didn’t bother to help me out. He just stared at me like I’m some kind of freak. grrr… He’s doing it again right now… it’s irritating and annoying. OMG! He just looked at me…OMG OMG OMG OMG…what do I do? He’s looking at me…Is he still looking at me? OMG…hmmm…not anymore I guess…but…he was looking at me!!! OMG!!! He looked at me! and our eyes met! Oh my goodness! He likes me!!! He really likes me. He does right? Does he? He does. Should I ask him? Of course not. That would be stupid! But what if he likes me, and he’s just shy? Don’t. It’s a turn off. Does he really like me? This is so confusing…my head hurts >.</// XOXO


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