Tale of 2 thoughts: Day 5


Well, who do we have here…Ms. Crazy Box Lady. I think this is going to be a daily thing now. I wonder why she hasn’t noticed that blue paint stain on her shirt. She must be an artist. Hmmm. Oh god. There’s something stuck on my teeth. Trying to remove it. Can’t. Ouch. Ugh…Dirt in my eye. Maybe winking might help get it off. What luck!


I woke up so early this morning. I had a vision. And I just had to paint it! I am so inspired today…I’m in the elevator with my inspiration. He’s so cute. <sigh!> oh no…what is this? oh no…no no no no no…OMG! Oh my golly golly gosh gosh…There’s Paint! on my shirt! There’s paint on my shirt! Oh my gosh there’s paint on my shirt! And he’s here. It’s so embarrassing. : ” > I hope he didn’t see it. He won’t see it. Oh my… He saw it. He saw it! I swear! Oh my… :-S Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!! He so like smiled at me!!!! Awwww…. He has to cutest smile ever! And now he’s winking at me! I so wanna hug him right now > :D< But I have to be cool B-) Yeah… be cool… He so made my day! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

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