Tale of 2 Thoughts: Week 5


Her dog is so annoying sometimes, but Ms. Crazy Box Lady is not so bad. She’s kind of cute. I should talk to her soon.


It’s been a few weeks now. Yeah!!! I’ve been enjoying the city a lot. :))) <this city is super great!!!> Enjoying Coco too. My smoochiepoo…he’s the cutest little thing ever. I just got him a few days ago. He’s a cute little pup, but just barks a lot. Especially at night. I hope I don’t disturb the neighbors. >.< I’m also enjoying the museum. I love the paintings and learning about each of them. I love the statues too… Enjoying the art this city offers. And there’s ton’s of them…whew! But, what I enjoy the most is being in the elevator. WITH MY CRUSH…Hahaha! Yeah! I know right?! But the funny thing is <unfortunate, if you ask me>  he hasn’t really uttered a single word. Nada. Zip! Non. 😐 After five weeks being in the same elevator, I haven’t heard him say a word! He must have halitosis or something. <which would be really gross>Or worse…but I don’t want to think about it. No…it can’t be…But he must be…No…Is he gay?! : – o I sure hope not! :-SS He’s too hot to be gay. LOL! Please don’t be. :(( XO

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