Tale of 2 Thoughts: Week 8 Day 4


She’s back. I’m happy she’s back. I wonder why…doesn’t matter… But I am happy she’s back. She looks sick though. Should I talk to her? I should. Should I? I think she’s not in the mood right now.


I still don’t feel good today. But I feel much better…since I’m in the elevator with him now. :)) Nah…I still don’t feel well… If I were in the mood today, I would have asked him why he’s not saying anything to me. Next time. Not now. Now, I’ll be going to the museum after three days of being stuck in bed. Literally stuck in bed! I was so sick these past few days. My back hurt. Every time I cough or sneezed everything ached. Ugh! #-/I don’t like being sick. >.< I’m so unproductive…tired all the time…I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all…and I’m still sleepy. Oh well… -.-  whew…#stillnotinthemood

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