Uncontrollable, Unpredictable

Emotions sprout at a directionless spree

Spiraling any which way

Ending up tangled in its own knot


The boisterous laughter

Seems oddly too much

Just a desperate attempt

To create a picturesque scenery


But, beneath the socially accepted facade

Lies a bloody arm and calloused being

Severed by the pain and anguish

Of society’s grim, chronic torture


As much as the heart desires

To direct this misguided soul

It is as fickle as the weather

Too stubborn to console


But instead of understanding

This inevitable circumstance,

Pointing fingers and wildfire gossips

Seems to be the rule of the majority


The misguided soul wanders

His heart becomes weary

His essence of being is alienated

His body meets the earthly ground


The untimely demise of an unfortunate soul

A victim that fell deep into a dark abyss

Of society’s unforgiving prejudice

And unchecked judgment


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