An Examined Life

An unexamined life is not worth living. – Socrates

At the end of every single day, I find myself asking the same question: Am I a better version of myself today than yesterday?

And every single time, I try to answer this question as concretely as possible by asking a few more:

  1. Was I a learner? –> What new thing did I learn today?
  2. Was I open-minded? –> Did I begin the day convinced that anything is possible? Did I do something differently today?
  3. Was I a discoverer? –> Did I try/discover something new?
  4. Was I a helper? –> Who was I able to help today?
  5. Was I passionate? –> Were/Are the things that I do the things that I am passionate about?
  6. Was I alive? –> Did I maximize my time? Am I living life to the fullest?

Answering these questions every day is not a walk in the park. It was, at first, quite daunting. Not easy. There were times when I wanted to forgo with this part of my day and just hit the sack. But I convinced myself that if I wanted to succeed in my life, I had to. It was worth it. (I’m not claiming I’m already an expert on this. I’m not. I’m also not claiming that I am a successful/near-perfect person. I am surely not.)

By reflecting every day, I got to know more about myself. My likes and dislikes. Things that make me feel extremely happy, and things that make me furious. Things that make me smile, or things that make me tick off (which I can now, consciously decide to, avoid). Knowing myself more, I got to be aware of my surroundings and my own actions. I got to be aware of the decisions that I make and why I mke them. I got to accept who I trully am (though I still don’t full know everything about me). Being aware of my strengths and weaknesses, I am able to improve myself. Be better. I also got to know others as well, and understand why they’d behave in such a way that they do. I became more keen in observing their language (spoken and unspoken), and even their hidden intentions.

Through constant reflection I am able to live my life and become an active participant in my learning/journey in life. To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all (Oscar Wilde). Instead of just being a mindless, emotionless zombie blindly following rules that society dictates. In short, I became my own person, identity; void of any influence from my externatilities (or those which I can not control).

History will be kind to me for I intend to write it. -Winston Churchill

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2 thoughts on “An Examined Life

  1. bodhimoments says:

    Living life consciously. Seems such a simple concept, but so rare to see. Thanks for sharing

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