Tale of 2 Thoughts: Day 1

The Chameleon


I woke up unusually late today. Rushed through morning routine. As the elevator door closes, this young woman held it open for a long time. A really long time. I was running late! She was carrying these empty boxes, trash btw, shoving them inside this tiny elevator. She then started looking at me in a weird way. I even caught her checking out my package a few times. Not cool. It’s a shame though. She was kind’a cute.


Dear Diary, today was my first day in the city. Wew!!! New sites to see. New music to hear. New people to meet. <AWESOME>The sun was shining brightly outside my window pane. I had my breakfast casually. 1 PBandJ, a banana, and a smoothie. YUM! I had to enjoy it, right? Yes! But first things first. My art exhibit is just a few weeks away. <O.o> My theme for this…

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