An Ode to my Father

Back when I was just learning how to walk

When my mouth and my brain

Weren’t coordinating

When it was a pain

Trying to explain

To a bunch of grown ups

Who got fed up

Trying to understand

What I was saying

Hey, I barely knew how to talk

He was there

He understood


When I got a year older

I started running ‘round halls

Kick some balls

Bumped into walls

Got lost in malls

I burnt a lot of mileage

Caused a lot of damage

Earned a lot of red badges

of courage

As if falling down once was not enough

I felt tough

I was bolder and better

The world just got bigger and tougher

He was there


Fast forward to a troubled year

When everything was but smooth

Talk about a rebelling youth

Searching for a sign, a proof

The truth

I used to beg him to stay

But those troubled times I pushed him away

But he never quit


The terrible things I did

For the longest time,

I committed the vilest of crime

That is…to see only hurts of mine

I failed to see

That he

Was also hurting

I was way out of line,

And I kept it that way

I was mad, I felt trapped

I didn’t understand

Why I had

A deeply rooted rage,

With a range

From hate to spite

Nothing I did was right

He just looked at me

As long as he could possibly

Then hugged me.


Very tight

Telling me it’s all going to be all right

I cried

I was contrite

When I realized


The pain I caused you

I was hurt, but so were you

I was lost…you were too

At times when I was not there for you

But, still, you were there


You were always there for us, for me

You are always with us, with me

And always be


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